Petite, Foxy & Lover with Magnetic Liner

Petite, Foxy & Lover with Magnetic Liner

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The Petite

Perfect NATURAL lash, a great place to start!

This lash is great for all eye shapes.


The Foxy

This sexy lash is super attractive and stylish. The Foxy lash was created for the times you want to look a lil extra and your looking to add an edge to your look.

This lash's soft fluttery texture makes it extra appealing. It will open your eyes and enhance any makeup look day or night!

 Suitable for all eye shapes.


The Lover

"The Lover" lash is the perfect lash! 

This flirty lash is almost like having lash extensions - but with zero damage to your natural lash!

The soft texture makes the lash comfortable to wear and gives it a natural sexy vibe


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