The Natural Glam Kit
The Natural Glam Kit
The Natural Glam Kit
The Natural Glam Kit

The Natural Glam Kit

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The Foxy

This sexy lash is super attractive and stylish. The Foxy lash was created for the times you want to look a lil extra and your looking to add an edge to your look.

This lash's soft fluttery texture makes it extra appealing. It will open your eyes and enhance any makeup look day or night!

 Suitable for all eye shapes

The Classy

Stylish and sophisticated, The classy lash is your best choice for an everyday wear lash that will easily take you into the night.

Slightly shorter in width than our other styles, this Lash is perfect for smaller eyes or anyone just starting out with our lashes.


Mystery Lash

Let us surprise and delight you with your mystery lash. Your going to love this newbie


Magnetic Eyeliner - black

The Magnetic Eyes Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner is highly pigmented and easy to apply.
The brush is already inside the bottle. So, you just need to shake it well, unscrew the lid and begin to apply it next to your lash-line.

Start at the inner corner of your eyelash line and trace along until you get to the outside corner. For best results add a second layer and let dry fully before you snap on your lash. 

Note: Touch the liner with your ring finger, and if nothing comes off, you can apply your lashes.

Everything in our magnetic eyeliner is safe to use. Even better, magnetic eyeliner is safer than using lash glue. 10% of lash glue wearers have allergic reactions!


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